Well Caroline this is the results from my hack on Saturday evening...37 years on from being hit by a trailer when out a hack..one session from you and the smiles are back loved it. Thank you so much

Hi Caroline, I went straight from our session into a lesson and to quote my instructor it was 'the best he'd seen me ride! Perfect transitions every time and loads of canter and I didn't tense up at all!

Last night I went for a hack down the track that I came off on in December. I have to say I had a few butterflies in my stomach during the day thinking about it but there was none of the usual panic, dread and tightening in my chest. We had a great hack - plenty canter including down the track I came off on.

Thank you for your help - hopefully this is the new me and I can enjoy riding and hacking again! x

I DID IT!!! Thank you so much Caroline and Ali Campbell. You are amazing.