The power of the mind, it plays tricks sometimes!

Way back when I was first living alone, and still adjusting to being in a house by myself.  The strange noises, sometimes the absence of noise, the newness of it all could sometimes mean it would take a while to get to sleep.

A few weeks in and I was starting to love the peace, enjoy my own company and adjust to the novelty of it all.  I started to fall asleep quickly.  But then one night I had a very rude awakening.

I woke when I felt an arm fall over my face and rest round my neck.  The panic I felt was palpable, dry mouth, pounding heart, thoughts whizzing imagining the most awful scenarios.   As a young woman living alone, I locked the door with two locks and put the chain on, I checked this as part of my pre bedroom routine.  I was sure that this night, like every other, I had secured my door.  My body was in the freeze mode of fight/flight/freeze.  I couldn’t move, wondering when the person the arm belonged to would speak or take action.

As is normal in such situations, I couldn’t measure how much time had passed, it could have been seconds or minutes, it felt like a lifetime.  Then, I felt another strange sensation, light at first and then slightly painful.  It was pins and needles in the arm that was round me.  I realised I must have slept on my arm, turned in my sleep with an arm so dead it didn’t feel like my own and in a split second I was picturing the horrible things that were about to happen to me.

Needless to say I felt a tad foolish, although I was laughing at myself with relief, it took quite sometime to get back to sleep that night.  My heart kept pounding, albeit slower, I had to drink a lot of water to get rid of the dry feeling, and, even when I knew the mysterious arm was my own, I checked the locks on my door more times that I care to remember before going back to bed.

The danger was a figment of my imagination but the reactions in my body were real.  It got me to thinking a lot about the power of thought.  It’s the power of thought and the subconscious mind which we work with using hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching.  My subconscious thoughts took me to a bad place that night, now I can use it to my advantage.

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